I forgot that I don’t read fun books during school. Blegh.

Instead, I go to class four days a week, work 35 hours a week (that’s three jobs all at once), attempt to do my homework, keep my apartment clean, see my friends once in a while (at least, I assume they all still live in NYC), and eat something other than tuna melts with avocado.

So I don’t think I’m posting any more book reviews for a while. But here’s what I’m currently reading:

Consent of the Networked 

The Future of Academic Freedom

The Chronicles of Amber (this one is postponed until Christmas)

Recently I read:

Into Thin Air

The Help

Lola and the Boy Next Door


And just for kicks and giggles, here’s Becca’s post from a year ago when she decided to graduate a semester early as well.


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