Welcome to the Challenge

Fifty-two books in fifty-two weeks 2012 Challenge


Why do a book challenge?  A couple of reasons. One, someday I’ll be a librarian and one of the things librarians do is read. So, I should read. Not that I don’t read, but I could read more and a book challenge is a good reason to read. The first part of reason number two: while I read a wide variety of books, I’m pretty terrible at reading new ones (shh don’t tell anyone). I think I have this fear that if I try a new book and don’t like it I’ll have wasted all of this time and energy and I get all emotionally distraught at the idea of not liking a book. The back half of that reason is that when I find a book I love, I read it over and over and over again. I know people who read a book once and can never read it again, but I love re-reading books. It isn’t a fatal flaw, but I could improve on it.

Three, I need a long term goal that doesn’t have to do with school. Four, if I play my cards right (i.e. get the word out about my challenge in a timely manner) I might get my sister to bring me some books from the take shelf at Penguin and I’ll have new books!


Challenge defined: Write and post 52 book reviews before the timer runs out on 2012.


So, rules. Challenges need rules!


Rule One: Authors can only show up once on the challenge list. This means that I can read and review The Fault in Our Stars by John Green but I can’t read and review Paper Towns even though I haven’t read it yet and it is technically a new book to me. I can, however, read Paper Towns as a general life enhancement, which I’m sure it will be.


Rule Two: I can read multiple books at the same time. This is a good rule because sometimes I am a commitmentphobe. Gotta ease into it.


Rule Three: I can’t have read the book before (duh).


Rule Four: There are no rules as to what the book “is.” If all 52 books are science fiction, so be it. (But that would defeat the purpose of not being afraid of new books. Kinda. Sorta. I’ll think about it.)


Rule Five: Series count as one Read-and-Review. (This doesn’t negate Rule One because TFiOS and Paper Towns are not a series. Game of Thrones and its subsequent books, should I choose to read them, are a series and therefore would be one Read-and-Review).


Rule Six: Read-and-Reviews (henceforth known as Ra(w)Rs) must be written within 24 hours of finishing the book and posted to the blog immediately. If not done in a timely manner the legitimacy of the Ra(w)R may be called into question on grounds of whether or not I had read the book in the past and was scrambling for a new  Ra(w)R to post because


Rule Seven: To ensure commitment to the Challenge, at least one Ra(w)R must be posted every two weeks. This allows for the lack of time management that will happen at the end of the semester, and allows for overflow during the summer.


Fifty-two new books, fifty-two book reviews, 51 weeks (it is January 10th, so yeah, I’m a week off but whatever). Let’s do this.



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